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Your Answer to Low Cost English Language Education

Learning English Language is easy and affordable with California Language School.

Your tuition fees are for all of our English programs: ESL and TOEFL at all levels.
Simple as that.

One-Time Registration for all Programs: $150

At the California Language School, costs are low and simple.


  • You'll pay MONTHLY or in 3 MONTH periods to save on thousands of dollars on your tuition fees. (And no complex weekly calculations like other schools)


  • You won't pay for any fees to find housing. You can simply find the perfect place for you and your budget through our online housing partner.


  • Low cost field trips, student outings, and free seasonal school hosted parties.


  • Plus, you will receive free academic counseling, and help with immigration and transfers.


  • Simple and affordable English language education has been our promise for 27 years.

We hope you will join the thousands of successful students at the California Language School.

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